Learn how to make an Easter bunny cake

     Food is a very important part of the holidays and making it with your family is even more important. Learning from family members and passing down the tradition is a moment that everyone should cherish. My family, in particular, gets together before the holidays and we make desserts and dishes together. One thing that we have always made at my grandma’s house is dinner rolls. But for Easter, my family and I always make a bunny cake. I’m going to be sharing how to make an Easter Bunny cake that I hope you will try to make with your family next year! It will be talked about at your family event and have people wanting to make one of their own!



  • Cake mix + ingredients on back of cake box
  • Circular cake pans
  • Icing (doesn’t matter what kind)
  • Tin foil
  • Baking sheet
  • Bowls
  • Spoons
  • Food coloring (I used pink but you can choose which colors you want)
  • Icing spreader
  • Jelly beans
  • Pull apart Twizzlers
  • Sprinkles
  • Any other toppings you would like for your bunny
  • Knife

Step One:

  First, you need to bake two cakes (doesn’t matter what flavor or brand) and you need two boxes of cake mix to make these cakes individually. You should bake them in two different circular pans at the temperature and time that your cake box states.


Step Two:

  After they are done baking, flip them over out of the pans, and onto a cooling rack so they can cool off before putting the icing on.


Step Three:

  This is probably the most difficult step. One of the circle cakes you do not need to cut, because that will be the bunny’s head. But the other circle cake you will need to cut to make the bunny’s ears and bow tie. Follow the picture below to cut the ears from top to bottom, making a subtle “C” shape out of the cake on both sides.

Step Four:

   After cutting the bunny’s ears and bow tie, you can put the ears on the top of the head and the bow tie below the head.

Step Five:

  Now you can start icing the whole cake with white icing. I used regular buttermilk icing from Kroger to cover the whole cake and used an icing spreader. But to make the cake your own, you can choose whatever icing would go best with your cake.

Step Six:

  With a different color icing (again, doesn’t matter what color) go over the original white icing on the ears but just on the inside. I used pink to look like normal bunny ears.

Step Seven:

  Now comes the fun part, which is decorating the bunny however you like. I used jelly beans for the eyes and nose, and the best way to create the smile and whiskers is by using the pull apart Twizzlers. I also used candy rocks to outline the pink ears and fill it will sprinkles. For the bow tie, I used a chocolate chip for the button and then went over with more pink icing and outlined it with Twizzlers. Then I put more sprinkles on it to look like a fun Easter tie.

Step Eight:

  Share your creation with your family and enjoy!


  It is fun to watch the bunny come to life with all the colors and yummy toppings. I really enjoy making new things with my family and sharing them with others.

  My grandma said, “I believe it’s important for your generation to learn how to make the families best dishes so it can continue to be passed down and stay in the family.”

  This made me realize that spending time with family and even the little things really do matter. I hope you try this fun, Easter Bunny cake out and share your creations with other people. It will be a fun tradition that you can pass down to your own kids one day.