Leading Ladies Review

On Saturday, February 13th, the Darby theater program put on the show, Leading Ladies. The show reeled in many students for the in-school performance along with other attendees for the weekend shows. With the numerous plot twists and jaw-dropping surprises kept the audience at the edge of their seats.

The costumes were beautifully designed with antique touches and accessories to match the image21950’s time period. Lace covered nearly every costume and was complemented by jewels or floral prints. There were many vibrant colors which made the show appealing to the eye. With the colorful personalities of the characters, it was only fitting that the costumes matched them.

Senior Audrey Craddick never disappoints with her beauty and her magnificent acting capabilities. This show was no exception as Craddick acted with a charming personality and a bubbly charisma. Juniors Ben Jones and Matthew Connell brought a lot of laughter to surface as well as some smashing British accents. The two men played each character with their whole heart and it showed with the many plot twists that their characters brought on. Not to mention how Jones and Connell had to shave their armpits and wear brassieres and heels throughout the show. Junior Christian Hill executed an arrogant character extremely well which contradicted his actual personality. Sophomore Kathryn McCimage4arty and seniors Jessie Straight and Cole Phillips also played humorous and lively characters which brought life to the show.

The first scene opened up with Meg played by Craddick, and Dunkin played by Hill. Meg was whining about wanting to go see a theater production in a nearby town despite her fiance’s reluctance. Later, when the pair goes to see the show, two new characters are introduced. The first character, Leo Clark was played by Jones and the second character, Jack Gable image3was played by Connell. Leo and Jack are two professional Shakespearean actors who travel and are in need of money. When Jack meets Audrey, a clumsy waitress, on the train, he instantly falls for her creating another obstacle in their path. Jack and Leo find out that two missing girls are being searched for and there is a three million dollar reward for the girls when they are found. Leo and Jack dress up as women and somehow find themselves in a heaping mess of romance, deception, and friendship.

Overall, the Darby production was full of laughter, surprises, and beautiful displays. The show brought tears to our eyes from all the funny actions that took place. We would definitely recommend the show to anyone who would want to see it if the show would return to the Darby stage.

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