LaMelo Ball takes the next step as a basketball prospect

In a bizarre case that highlights the growing emphasis that is being placed on high school sports, social figure Lavar Ball will be pulling his youngest son, high school basketball phenom LaMelo Ball, out of his high school, Chino Hills in Los Angeles, in exchange for homeschooling.

 LaMelo is the younger brother of the number two 2017 NBA draft pick, Lonzo Ball. LaMelo is currently due for his junior year of high school, which he will now complete while being homeschooled. LaMelo is not only known for his father Lavar’s drastic quotes and antics: LaMelo scored 92 points in a game last year and earned sophomore All-American honors. Experts believe that he could be a major recruit coming out of high school, providing that he does a little more growing.

  The decision to pull LaMelo out of school exemplifies the growing debate about putting athletics over academics in young athletes’ lives. The main reason cited by Lavar Ball for taking his son out of high school was to train LaMelo and prepare him as a basketball prospect. This brings up the question of whether or not it is beneficial to sacrifice education for young athletes, with the purpose of trying to better their athletic resume. This could help some students get a scholarship to a dream college, but those who do not make it can be left in the dust without good grades to fall back on.

  While many parents would never be willing to take their kids out of school for sports, some high school athletes, like Sophomore Cross-Country Runner Jack DeWolfe, think it would be a fun experience that would help them get better at their craft.

  “For sure it would be fun to get pulled out of school,” said DeWolfe, “I would get to spend more time on the sport I enjoy.”

  Whether or not you agree with Lavar Ball’s decision, putting the emphasis on sports over education seems like it could be the future of high school athletics.


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