Key Club is a great way to be involved

Key Club is an extracurricular group that emphasizes on helping the community, building friendships, and stepping out of your comfort zone. Most clubs revolve around things done in school. For example, there are a lot of clubs for core classes on top of clubs for sports. This makes  Key Club stick out because students can impact their community in a positive way.

  The Vice President of Key Club, Erika Lisco, explained that Key Club is a great opportunity to be involved and have a good time.,

  “The most important thing to take away from Key Club is that it is a big family that teaches you how to build leadership skills, as well as friendships, through a shared love for serving your community. We are always laughing and having fun, but we also get work done,” Lisco said.

  Some of the activities Key Club participates in are the Hot Chocolate Run. Erika highlighted the Hot Chocolate Run as her favorite experience.

  “[we went] downtown to help set up the race and encourage the runners. It was freezing outside and it was really early in the morning, but it was such a fun opportunity and I am glad that I got to spend that day with some of my best friends,” explained Lisco.

  Key Club is lenient with other priorities like sports. If a member is in season for their sport and are unable to make it to some of the events they are fine with it. They want it to be something everyone can do. In order to sign up you need to turn in the $15 fee before the October 24th deadline and you can start to make a difference in your community.


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