Kelsea Ballerini takes the stage in Columbus

Country music fans gathered at the Express Live Pavilion on Tuesday, April 3rd, to see 24 year old singer, Kelsea Ballerini, in her Unapologetically Tour. “Unapologetically” is Ballerini’s second album and includes hits such as, “Legends”, which was number one on the Billboard Top 50 country songs, and “I Hate Love Songs”, which also made an appearance in the Billboard Top 50 country songs. Columbus fans were obviously eager to hear their favorite songs from the album live. Although the concert, originally scheduled for February 22nd, had to be rescheduled, the show sold out and many fans brought signs to show their support.

    Before Ballerini took the stage, her opening act, 38 year old singer Walker Hayes, played his set. Hayes, although lesser known than Ballerini, had a memorable performance. He captured the crowd from the start with his high energy and also appealed to the audience’s emotions as he sang a song he wrote for his son, “Beckett”, and one for a friend who helped his family get through some hard times, “Craig”. The most memorable moment from Hayes’ performances was his final song, “You Broke Up With Me”, which you can listen to on his newest album, “Boom”.

    After Hayes’ performance there was a short intermission before Ballerini took the stage. Ballerini started the show off strong with the first song on her “Unapologetically” album, “Graveyard”, a song about a breakup Ballerini had a few years ago. Ballerini told the audience that this album is very special to her because it is the story of the past few years of her life as she broke into fame after her debut album “The First Time”. Ballerini continued to sing the songs of her “Unapologetically” album in order, the audience was buzzing with excitement the entire time. Because most of the Express Live Pavilion is standing room only, almost everyone was dancing or jumping to the music. Ballerini even got a little emotional as she sang her song “In Between”. The song is about growing up but not wanting to lose all the parts of your childhood in the process. It was really special to see how important the songs were to Ballerini as she sang them and it made the concert such an unforgettable experience.


Ultimately, I would definitely recommend seeing Ballerini or Hayes if you ever have the chance. It was a really fun experience and if you are a fan of country music I think you would not be disappointed. There are always new artist coming to the Express Live Pavilion, so if you are interested, be sure to look them up on their website to catch your favorite artists the next time they come to Columbus. 

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