Keep up with North Korea in the Winter Olympics

As most know, there has been much controversy surrounding North Korea in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. South Korea wanted North Korea to come, and even proposed a unified team of the two Koreas at the Games. North and South Korea have been in conflict with one another for quite some time now, but will this step give a positive outlook on the situation?

History teacher Kristopher Camp explained what the reasoning behind this strange decision could be.

“North Korea is an isolated nation, so to participate in an international event is very strange. The Olympics are political, so if they show up, it shows that everything is fine rather than people thinking there is conflict,” said Camp.

North and South Korea walked as one unit in the Opening Ceremony, showing their unity for the first time in a long time. They also shared a women’s ice hockey team, but that team has suffered five defeats in a row.

Although they played as one team, Camp believes it doesn’t mean much for the countries relationship.

“This means nothing for their relationship, other than it being a good gesture. Their politics and agendas are so different, that this uniting is nothing more than two teams playing sports together,” said Camp.

North Korea sent three alpine skiers, three cross country skiers, two short track speed skaters, and a figure skating duo. None of the competitors, unfortunately, will be returning to North Korea with a medal.

The Olympians are scared they may face consequences for their failure to receive any medals. They believe they have disappointed Kim Jong Un. In previous Olympics, the losers have been known to have been thrown in gulags, or be accused of betraying the trust of Kim Jong Un.

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