JV Wrestling tops in a tri-match

The JV Wrestling team did a great job in their matchups against Dublin Scioto and Madison Plains.

  These teams did not make the wins easy, but with all their strength and courage the Panthers fought through to do their best, earning their team points to carry them to a great score. The JV team, even while playing in a tri-match, proved themselves able to take on almost any team with strength.

  Coach Adam Elkins shared how impressive these past two victories were.

  “Both of these teams were very good schools and we got as many of the guys we could have,” stated Elkins.

  Junior Cade Ryan thought he was a good wrestler and was able to pin his opponent quickly.

  “Sure that’s similar to an aspect of it, but I usually prefer to use technique over strength,” said Ryan.

  Sophomore Karsen Davidson, one very enthusiastic wrestler, also shared his personal technique.

  “I like to wrestle with a lot of power, but this past year I have realized that there’s a lot more you can do with technique and stamina and I think that has shown my results lately,” Davidson said.

  Coach Elkins thought that the team had lots of room for them to improve personally and as a team.

  “There’s always room for improvement, we will go match by match with someone improving, but generally trying to stay aggressive and get the pin,” Coach Elkins said.

  Karsen said that he did need a bit of improvement, but throughout the season he has been getting better.

  “My season is going well and I am improving every week. That’s all you can really ask for in the long run ahead,” Davidson shared.

  Every athlete has room for improvement, as nobody is ever perfect at the sport they play.

  During the meet on Thursday, January 18th, the Darby JV team put up a fight so the two other schools could not win their matches as easily. These wrestlers were moving up and improving so they would be able to make varsity.

  “It’s really up to the athlete how far they want to go, the more time you put on the mat, the more successful you end up being,” explained Coach Elkins.

  Cade and Karsen are inspired and work hard every day so someday they would be able to make varsity. Both of these wrestlers performed to their full potential and got the results in their favor.

  “I pinned in the first period which got the team going and kept the ball rolling through the rest of the match,” said Cade with confidence.  

  Davidson ended up putting four points on the board through his work ethic and goals for improvement. Do not have your back turned and always be on your toes. This mindset is what made Karsen and Cade look for where they could improve, and fix these areas.

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