JV Football Overview

With the JV Football season over, the players and coaches are beginning to look over the successes of the season. With the final record being 7-1-1, it’s clear that it was not a failure, however, prosperity is not always measured by wins, but in the ability to fight through adversity.

  During an interview with Coach Crawford, the varsity full backs coach and a JV coach, he discussed how he measures the season based on the ability to grow from hardship.

  “The season was a steady progression. We started off the year a little bit rough, we had a lot of sophomores and young juniors that were playing that hadn’t played a lot before,” he explained.

  The first few games were close in score, and after a hard loss to Davidson 7-0, the team struck a turning point. The players started to work harder and harder each week, and it showed when they won every game that followed.

  The players then developed discipline during early morning practices, and “they had a lot of energy, which is tough Saturday mornings, especially the night after a big game…they did what they were asked to do, and [they] executed well.”

  The JV team takes this training seriously, and they transfer what they have learned from weekly practices into them.

  “During the week it’s tough…they come out and they don’t get a lot of reps, they just help the varsity team practice, so Saturdays are a reward for them,” he elucidated.

  As it is with most sports, injuries can set a team back. On the JV team, Crawford explained, there were about 8 or 9 players who changed teams or got injured, and that number can mean drastic differences during games. This can discourage some players, but they worked through different adversities like this throughout the whole season.

  Crawford notes the immense improvement the team has made since the summer, physically and mentally for a lot of the players, one being junior starter Carter Hornish. He started the year in hopes to become a wide receiver, but was set back when he was switched to offensive line. I questioned him about his experience this season.

     “[I will] strive to go even further and harder next year in order to give myself the best possible shot to play on Friday nights,” he shared.

  Hornish explained that he was disappointed to not be playing with the varsity team, but uses that frustration to fuel him. As a starting right tackle and defensive end, his role on the team was to be an example for others.

  “I was a leader and a role model because I was a junior and I started both ways and had experience in this situation, so I feel that players looked to me as someone they could trust,” he said.

  The seniors and starters were an example to him, and their feedback helped him grow as a player. He only wishes that he had listened to more of their advice so he could become a starter, himself next year on varsity.

  His hopes next season are to beat Bradley and Davidson, win the OCC and make the playoffs.

  Facing adversity in sports, especially very competitive ones like football, can discourage players from giving 100% in every situation. Carter gave advice for younger players going through these hard situations and facing challenges.

   “All I can say for someone who may be going through a hardship is to not give up, and give it everything you’ve got because if you do those things you will make it through and you won’t have any regrets about whether or not you gave it your all.”

  Putting forth effort prepares you, not only for high school sports, but for many of life’s situations that might test your resilience.

  Overall, the JV football team and it’s players fought through many challenges over the course of the season, and their hard work granted them a winning record. The team was able to take the OCC teams and a win against our biggest rival.    

  The JV team can be the most difficult to play on, but diligence will grant the players wins under the Friday night lights. And although most people look to the star player, it can be just as important to investigate the hardest workers of the team, as that skill will benefit them for their entire life.

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