JV Boys Basketball wins against Marysville

The JV boys basketball team is one to keep an eye on, especially after a very intriguing game on November 30th against the Marysville Monarchs. The team is packed with people who have a passion for the sport and play as much as they can. The Monday game showcased the team’s ability to could have been better because they were down by a little until they fought back and won 43-33 against Marysville.

  Sophomore Chase Dimick is a Point guard is proud of his team’s performance.  

  “I think we performed well as a team, we were down by 10 at one point, but then we came back and won it because of our efforts as a team,” said Dimick.

They were down by 10 in the third period and they had to find a way to overcome it, with the help of Forward Sophomore Jacob Foster.  

   “We executed our plays very well, but there’s still some of the little things we need to work on,” Foster mentioned, “I feel as if we all knew the plays, so yes we were prepared, but there are things we need to work on.”

 Kristopher Camp, the JV coach prepared the team for moments of adversity.

“We learned how to deal with some adversity, made some plays and then we got a comeback going and got it done in the end, baby.”

  The JV team struggled a bit during this game, but they prepared the best they could to prepare for game time.

    Dimick explained what could have been the cause of their comeback.

  “We got some shots up before we started playing the Marysville JV team, and I think that helped us perfect our shot.”

  Both Dimick and Foster have the same viewpoint in their preparation for this game just not the same importance in what needed to be well thought out.

  Camp stated how the team prepared for their game.

  “We prepare as a drill team, so we did lots of execution drills and then we have few preparation days to look at the different play style of the other team so we can be the most prepared.”

  The JV team will play a lot more games, but this first win will stick with them in their minds and to everyone around them. These player have to learn something and how to overcome certain obstacles and cooperate with the team in order to win more games.

  “I learned that we worked well as a team when we weren’t playing together our team started to fall apart, but after we rallied together and got the win,” said Dimick.

  “I learned not to hit your head while taking a charge,” Foster said.

  During the night of the game, there had been someone running straight for Jacob, so he took the charge but then had a rough meeting with the hardwood floor and banged the back of his head.

  Camp explained what goals he has for the future of the JV team.

  “Some goals I have for this JV team is to prepare them for varsity, learn how to win the game, learn how to play the game with each other and being able to execute their roles to the best of their ability.”

  This can show you how strong a team’s bond can be, how they can win multiple games and continue to do their best every game.

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