JV boys basketball team pulls ahead of Dublin Scioto

The JV Boys Basketball team started out with a big lead against Dublin Scioto and didn’t let go, as the Panthers ending up holding on with a final score of 52-48.

  Coach Camp was not too happy with the second half performance, but coming out with the win pleased the whole team. Hambel, Wendel and Foster all thought they did really well, and when asked they responded with confidence and dignity. This shows that they were all ready for their next challenges against tougher opponents.

 Sophomore Codey Wendel shared his thoughts on how he played throughout the game.

  “I played pretty good towards the end of the game and hit a big three that got the team going,” said Wendel.

  Sophomore Jacob Foster then explained what this game had made clear about the sport.

  “There’s other things than just points in Basketball, and that’s just helping your team in a big way.”

  Hambel also mentioned his personal performance that night.

  “I had a lot of turnovers, which could have been prevented and would have kept Scioto out of the game late.”

  Coach Camp went into detail about the level the team was on for the duration of the game.

  “I felt as if we started strong and were very energized, got lots of turnovers easily and we really adjusted to their changes, and we were able to hold them off,” said Camp.

  This is what everyone collectively had taken away from this game: to either improve and get better or just to take some blame on themselves. Most players learn from their mistakes and that is just what these three did. They recognized the mistake and fixed it to the best of their abilities.

  “As a team, we learned getting off to a good and strong start is a key ingredient in helping us win,” Foster mentioned.

  “I learned that if we all work as one big team, we could stand by challenge thrown our way,” Hambel said.

  Like every game, there is a halftime and the coaches usually try to motivate the team to do better and stay on top.

  “I thought it was a good halftime talk and that we were able to adjust and talk about many quick defensive changes. We needed these because they had been using multiple different tactics and this talk was longer than most others, but in a positive way which we got back out on the court and executed,” Camp mentioned.

  This then made the team think different of the situation they had been put in, and they realized they needed to stay on top and take home the win. As the coach, you would also think of your team in a positive way and that forms a philosophy that the coach hopes to have happened in the future.

  Coach Camp then shared, “I think we will always be undersize, so I think we need to set the pace of the game with our pressure. Any shot keeps us in a certain rhythm and we try not to deter anyone from shooting the ball, get in their passing. Also, be a team player, as long as we get the shot off, and apply the pressure then it will affect the team.”

    Foster explained their strategy for coming out of the game with a win.

  “I was definitely prepared for this game as we had previously played this team, so we knew a lot of their players and all the coaches reminded us of their good players and ran some good plays and executing them with power. This opened out offense that we worked and pushed the ball throughout the field of play,” said Foster.

  Another thing players can use to reflect off the game is what they achieved in the long run of the game and that is just what they did.

  “I felt like we got closer as a team and gained the ability to learn to leave everything out on the court,” Hambel said.

   They all achieved team goals and ended up beating Scioto into what turned from a beat down into a close game towards the end.

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