Just the Wind – A Fall Scary Story

Along the old Rail Trail in Hilliard, a chilly breeze combed through the sea of leaves on the ground. Golden brown speckles drifted down the path, and some made their way under the shoe of a girl. A satisfying crunch escaped from under her foot, and several more as she carelessly sought out more crisp leaves on the trail.

A high-pitched tone rang out from the girl’s pocket and it was fished out immediately. The bright screen opened to a picture of a messily carved pumpkin held up by three teenage girls, all behind a text notification. She read the text, sent by “FAMILY” to herself.

Anna, dinner’s at seven. Be careful, it’s been getting dark pretty quickly lately.

She paused and responded, dropping the phone into the back pocket of her jeans and looked up to find that the sky had already darkened. A look of confusion crossed Anna’s face as she looked around. Leaves twisted in the wind, and more rustled along the ground aggressively until she looked in their direction.

“It’s just the wind,” Anna muttered, beginning to walk down the path again. More leaves rustled far behind. Although, no wind blew by.

An eerie chill rose up her spine and she began to walk faster, away from the rustling of leaves. Picking up the pace, she broke into a sprint and the roaring of a thousand leaves filled her ears.

The wind howled afterward. An innocent pair of leaves twisted in the air among the darkness of the path, faintly lit by a silver moon. 

Silence followed.