JSA Winter Congress

The Hilliard Darby JSA chapter is focused on civic engagement across all political platforms. The club was founded in 2015 by Essam, a former darby student. Since then the club has been through 3 other administrations. In the past year, the club has seen a tremendous amount of growth in all areas of debate, attendance, convention representation, funding etc. The group is known around their home building for holding events to boost civic engagement every year. They’re in charge of the teacher debate before spring break, the student debate, and also hold a mini convention at Hilliard Darby where all chapters in the states are invited

The chapter has 3 current cabinet members that work uxnder the governor of JSA. 2 of which are mid year members Elizabeith Lewis and Sam Kime. As well as a full year member and director of fundraising for both the Ohio River Valley and Midwest, Bilal Abdelqader. During the Winter Congress Convention there is expected to be over 500 debaters from the organization and former FBI Director James Comey. Hilliard Darby holds the second best debater within the ORV region and quite a reputation for creating profound debaters. 

      Mr.Sanderson, the acting advisor of the club, said he looks forward to Friday of the trip where they get to explore around the city and visit the monuments and the nation’s capital. The group gets into their city exploration right off the bat when they settle down at the DoubleTree hotel by Hiltion, which is located by the Pentagon and Homeland Security. Overall the experience is aimed to inspire the inducials to be civically engaged and give more experience to those who plan to enter a level of government for a career. The group is excited and preparing every Thursday in room 200 after school, anyone is welcome to attend and the experience of a debate increases students knowledge of the political atmosphere. 

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