Reused Book Planter DIY

Start this year off right with recycling your old and unwanted materials with this aesthetic old book planter. This simple planter can reuse those old unread books and make you house a little more green as well.


  • Book (At least one inch thick or more)
  • Exacto Knife
  • Plastic bag
  • Liquid glue
  • Plant
  • Potting soil

Step One:

   Sketch out where you want the hole for your plant to be.

Step Two:

   Cut into the book where you marked off all the way to the back cover, but not through the back cover. This part did take a while to cut into, but once you pass through the cover, it will get easier. 

Step Three:

   Use the glue and line the inner side of the “pot” and line the outside pages of the book too. Make sure to leave out the front cover while gluing. This is so the book will not come apart when you pick it up. 

Step Four:

   Open the cover of the book and take the plastic bag to glue it on the inside of the book. This is so that when you water your plant, the book will not get water damage. 

Step Five:

   Cut the plastic bag to size and then glue the inside cover to the book. 

Step Six:

   Pot your plant in the book. If the book gets dirt on it take a slight damp rag and clean it off. 

Step Seven:

   Place in a spot where in can get lots of sun and remember to water it based on what kind of plant you have. Then watch your plant grow!

Keeping plants alive is hard but water regularly and you and have a beautiful new plant. I hope this DIY helps declutter some old books and help keep a greener New Year. 

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