Jabberwock performance coming to Darby

Another Darby Theatre comedy is coming to the stage soon with more jokes than ever. The Darby Theatre’s fall production for this year will be Jabberwock, premiering on November 3rd and 4th at 7:00pm in the PAC at Hilliard Darby High School.

  Jabberwock, written by American playwrights Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, is based on James Thurber, a real life author and cartoonist for ‘The New Yorker’ magazine.

 The two acts focus on a young Thurber. The setting is Columbus, Ohio, where the audience will be able to follow Thurber through his life and learn about his chaotic family.

Photo taken by Joanie Shafer

  The theatre troupe has been preparing this show for months, and are soon to be setting the stage.

  Junior Garrett Fant, who plays Thurber, has been preparing for the show for the last month.

  “I’m just trying to remember my lines and work on my blocking, [remembering] where I am supposed to be, and reacting to other actors and actresses,” Fant explained.

  Many other actors and actresses are working on preparing the show too, like Sophomore actress Joanie Shafer who plays Aunt Belinda, Bury Straw, and Aunt Sarah.

  “We are definitely working really hard, and we are really far in the process so, I feel like we are in really good shape,” Shafer said, “ we are working really hard to memorize lines and getting blocking down.”

  Jabberwock is a great comedy where everyone will have lots of fun. The play is also great to learn more about James Thurber’s life and his writings.

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