It’s Debatable: Which commercial won the Super Bowl?

Commercials are such a part of people’s lives as they heavily influence where they shop and what they buy, and can make people laugh or become filled with emotion. The most memorable commercials are premiered during the annual Super Bowl. According to USA Today, 78 percent of Americans look forward to the Super Bowl commercials more than the actual football game. Our picks for the best advertisements of the 51st Super Bowl are listed below.

Mr. Clean:

Written by Madeline Capka

   The 51st Super Bowl aired some iconic commercials as 111.9 million people watched. Most of the commercials provided a few laughs, like the Avocados from Mexico commercial, or moved us emotionally, like the 84 Lumber advertisement, but few were as memorable as the Mr. Clean advertisement.

  The ad begins with Mr. Clean tidying around the house and dancing while somewhat erotic music plays and a housewife watches him, obviously attracted to his too-tight pants, single hoop earring, and shining bald head. The part of the commercial that will be ingrained into my memory until the day I die is when Mr. Clean is mopping the floor and the woman is watching with a focused look on her face. Mr. Clean then magically transforms into her husband as she jumps onto him as the words “you gotta love a man who cleans” come into vision.

  Not only did this ad blow it out of the water with viewers finding it hilarious, but the official Mr. Clean Twitter went on to comment on just about every other commercial. After the Skittles commercial he tweeted, “Funny ad, but who’s gonna clean up all the Skittles they missed?”. Mr. Clean engaged viewers not only in their advertisement, but online as well.

  Since the commercial’s debut, there has been buzz surrounding it as many have tweeted about not only the ad itself, but more specifically Mr. Clean. The video gets its point across using sex appeal and humor to draw viewers in and convince them to buy Mr. Clean products. This was one of the commercials that made sense and didn’t drag on for too long while using an original idea. Did the ad actually cause anyone to buy their product? Who knows, but at least it was entertaining.

Avocados From Mexico:

Written by Noah Adams

   My favorite commercial was also one of the most underrated. The produce company “Avocados From Mexico” came into the Super Bowl scene in 2015, with a great commercial about “The First Draft Ever.” Subsequently, their sales skyrocketed, and in 2016 they produced another advertising masterpiece, “Avos in Space.” This year they hit the jackpot again, with this year’s best commercial, “Secret Society.” The full commercial actually made me laugh out loud. “Secret Society” could have been a comedy skit, if it didn’t relate back to the original product.

   In the commercial, the Secret Society members talk about their secrets that are being exposed. The general public is starting to discover these hidden secrets, such as the fact that there may only be 49 shades of gray, or that the moon landing might be fake! Luckily, they found a fall guy for when they deflated the footballs. That last quip was an obvious dig at Tom Brady and “Deflategate.” The commercial also got in a jab at Steelers wideout Antonio Brown. It’s discovered the secrets are leaking due to a livestream, just like when Brown live streamed his own locker room after a big win. Society member Scott’s obsession with proving Bigfoot is real was hilarious as well.

   At the end, actor Jon Lovitz makes a cameo when he spoofs subliminal advertising, and all the society members subsequently start eating the guacamole. Overall, the obliviousness of the members, and the leader’s obvious frustration with it, was comedic gold. This commercial made me want some avocados, related back to football, and it made me laugh, making it the most successful.

84 Lumber:

Written by Kiera Toliver

  This year, some commercials were met with praise and criticism as they went with political themes. One commercial like this was created by 84 Lumber, and it was by far my favorite commercial. The entire commercial was almost 6 minutes long, but due to its lengthy air time, only a fraction of it was able to be aired during the Super Bowl. Viewers had to visit the website to see the whole commercial. Since so many people got on the website at once, it caused the website to crash. This shows how many people were interested in the commercial.

  The 84 Lumber commercial was a story about a mother and daughter from Mexico, and their journey to America. The daughter picks up various pieces of trash on their way to the border, and when they finally get there, they approach a wall standing in their path. All that hard work seems to be for nothing, and the mother loses hope, until her daughter gives her an American flag that she made out of the pieces of trash she collected. This shows the newly restored hope, and the family continues their journey and finds a door leading unto America. It ends by saying, “The will to succeed is always welcome here.”

  This was the best commercial because it was different than the other commercials. It was about an important subject, not just about selling a product and it used emotions to get the point across. I think the point of this commercial was to get people talking and looking at Mexican immigrants from a different and more positive angle, while showing how the company felt on the subject. I think this commercial was better than the Mr. Clean and Avocados from Mexico commercial because those were more about selling a product and getting laughs. The 84 Lumber commercial was deep, heartwarming, and unique, which is why I think it is the best.

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