It’s Debatable: Prom versus After Prom


Written by Edleen Nieto

It is  the time of the school year where all you can hear in the hallways is, “Do you have your dress for prom?” or ” Where we going to take pictures?”, and “Who are you going with?”. Juniors and Seniors are preparing for Prom which is happening Saturday, April 29th at the Columbus Athenaeum, which is the same place as last year, and for sure is going to be just as fun. People may say after prom at Dave and Busters is better, but for me, prom itself was so much more fun.

  Last year the feeling of arriving at the venue was awesome, and seeing everything well decorated made me feel incredible. Aside from the venue being so elegant and decorated, the dance floor was huge. As I entered the Columbus Athenaeum, I was so excited to see everybody wearing all of their beautiful dresses and their best tuxedos. Everyone had their own group of friends that danced in their own way, and it was fun to watch their best moves while the band was playing. For me the best part was the DJ. My friends and I knew every song and we couldn’t sit down because all of the music was great.

  Everyone had the best memories of prom whether was the music, the photo booth with clever outfits, or the chips and water. One of the main reason I liked prom is because you get everything you wish for a day. Crowning the King and Queen, music, pictures, and snacks. In my opinion, prom is much better than after prom because after prom is so packed and you have to wait for games. My friends and I left early because it got boring and we had a mini party at my friends house with better food then after prom.


After prom:

Written by Kiera Toliver

After Prom is the best thing about April 29th, the day of prom. People eat good food, play games with their friends, and get out of their prom clothes and into something more comfortable.


  Many people stop at home on the way to Dave and Busters and change before going to play games with all of their friends. This is really nice because for a lot of people, the outfit you wear to prom can be pretty uncomfortable after wearing it for so long.


  When you get to Dave and Busters, they have a buffet set out for you with things like chicken tenders and fries. It’s nice to have some real food because most people haven’t eaten for  a few hours.


  After you eat you get a game card with credits on it, you can play all the games that you want! If you’ve never been to Dave and Busters, they have arcade games, a photo booth, claw machines, pool, and skeebal,l among many other games. Once your done and have all your tickets, you can even get prizes, and playing the games is much more fun than prom itself.


  Not only does after prom have good food, games, and your friends, but a ticket is also half the cost of a prom ticket at only 20 dollars.


  I heard quite a few people say that they want to skip prom and just go to after prom. This allows them to be a part of the prom experience and still hang out with their friends, but in a quieter, more fun setting. In addition, you get to wear comfy clothes, eat and play all the games you want, and see all the people that you didn’t really get a chance to talk with at prom. It lasts from 11:30 p.m. to 2:15 a.m., so there is plenty of time to have fun and do everything.

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