It’s Debatable: McDonald’s fries vs Wendy’s fries

One bright and early Monday morning, as I was craving french fries, an interesting thought entered my mind: does McDonald’s or Wendy’s have better fries? I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I answered this question for myself. It was time for some investigative journalism.

  Once school ended, I got into my truck with my sidekick, Olivia, who likes to steal rides from me even when she can take the bus, and began to drive through the horrendous after school traffic towards McDonald’s. Fortunately, my sidekick informed me that there is a Wendy’s and a McDonald’s right next to each other farther down Hilliard-Rome. As Olivia complained that she had to work soon and I had to hurry up, I drove on.

  I finally reached the second McDonald’s, and despite there being a long line for the drive through, I had no other choice but to weather through the wait. The voice over the intercom that asked for my order of medium fries seemed friendly enough, although a bit stressed from the large amount of customers. I drove away as Olivia opened the bag and ate some fries. The first thing we noticed about the fries was the fact that the french fry holder had barely any fries in it, which could’ve been because they were rushed. However, I spent $1.59 of my hard-earned cash on those fries, so it was a little disappointing.

  After our first stop, I drove across the street to Wendy’s where I would be purchasing the next part of my investigation. Unlike our first stop, there was no one in line at Wendy’s, so they had much more time to perfect the quality of their fries. The downside to ordering medium fries at Wendy’s is that they cost 30 cents more than McDonald’s at $1.89. I then drove to Olivia’s house to drop her off, and along the way she ate more of the fries. We both agreed that although we typically prefer fries from McDonald’s, the Wendy’s fries were much better overall. While we both thought that Wendy’s fries were better, our poll on Twitter concluded that slightly more people prefer McDonald’s fries.

  I pondered the price, saltiness, and appearance of both fries and wrote down a pros and cons list. I first evaluated the McDonald’s fries and found that they basically tasted the same as Wendy’s. The downsides, however, were that they were hardly salted, very thin, and deflated.

  While Wendy’s fries were perfectly salted and the perfect diameter, they also varied greatly in quality and cost 30 cents more than the fries of their counterpart. Despite this, it was obvious that Wendy’s fries were much better.

  After about five minutes of eating and ten minutes of analysis and note taking, I concluded that, although they’re slightly more expensive, Wendy’s fries are much better than those sold at McDonald’s. Not to mention there’s typically a shorter wait at Wendy’s, so you can begin eating those delicious fries sooner, rather than later.


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