Is Valentine’s Day only about the money?

Love is in the air because of Valentine’s Day. Everyone is excited to give and receive gifts, but who really spends the most money? Is it the doting boyfriend who buys his girl those diamond earrings, or is the loving girlfriend who spent an arm and a leg for a signed football helmet? While most people would probably say the women spend the most money for their honey, I think men actually spend the most. I think that some men feel obligated to get their girlfriend those expensive diamond earrings or other jewelry, that giant stuffed bear, or the biggest box of chocolates they can find.

  According to Poder.oi, on average men spend around 65% more than women when it comes to showing their love on Valentine’s day. Men spend over 210 dollars per gift, while women only spend around 127 dollars to surprise their significant other. This means that men are spending way more money than women. However, this doesn’t mean that men love their significant other any more than women do.

  Men do spend more money on Valentine’s but this is not a competition on “which one got the most expensive gift”. Everyone puts their heart out when they are buying a gift for their loved ones and the intentions is what does counts.

   A lot of men spend and buy gifts because they feel obligated or are just trying to score some points with their significant other. According to an poll, roughly half of men say they celebrate Valentine’s Day in order to “spend quality time with my partner”, And one-quarter of men admit that they mark Valentine’s Day out of a sense of obligation. Meanwhile, 13% of women say they celebrate just “because everyone else does.”

   This means that half of the people are getting gifts just because it’s a common thing to do; if not, they’ll be alone on Valentine’s Day.

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