Is it too early to celebrate Christmas?

   After Halloween, Christmas lights start to be strung and Santa Clauses appear in the malls of America… before Thanksgiving. Although the Christmas season is one of the most anticipated times of the year, it is frowned upon by many to celebrate the winter holiday before Thanksgiving. This ongoing disagreement has caused many feuds over the years-Should people start celebrating Christmas before or after Thanksgiving?


Rachel- Thanksgiving is an important holiday, and should be celebrated, however, there is no reason to postpone the festivities of Christmas. The holidays are some of the most anticipated times of the whole year and if people are in the Christmas spirit, then why should they have to wait until after Thanksgiving to show it? Additionally, many stores have already started playing Christmas music and pushing holiday themed products. Just walk into a Bath and Body Works store and see all the holiday scents on display, then it will be clear that it’s not too early to start celebrating Christmas. Not to mention, the recent premier of the Christmas movie, “The Grinch,” which was released on November 9, 2018, before Thanksgiving. With all of these Christmas themed events occurring in the month of November, how could someone not be in the mood to celebrate?


Claire- Thanksgiving is being overshadowed by Christmas with the decorations, music, and store sales. Thanksgiving should be more appreciated before Christmas because of its values of thankfulness, gratitude, and family. Even stores begin the holiday celebration early, by setting up their displays and playing Christmas music in their stores that are getting people into more of a holiday frenzy. I have fallen into this trap too by stepping into a store that had all their Christmas decor up and getting excited. However, I had to rethink and remember that Thanksgiving is a deserving holiday that should get more attention. I do think that Christmas is exciting and a wonderful time, but Thanksgiving is also great with all the specialty foods. After Thanksgiving is the time to celebrate the Christmas spirit so that you can focus first on your gratitude to your families and friends.


Both holidays are amazing but is it too early to celebrate Christmas? Do you believe that because Christmas is already happening so fast you should not hold back your excitement, or do you think that Thanksgiving should be more appreciated? Overall, both holidays are wonderful times to celebrate and spend with your loved ones.


Written by Claire Huffman and Rachel Horvath

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