Is it okay to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving?


Many people choose to put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, and in extreme cases, Halloween. I think people should wait to put up their festive lights until after Thanksgiving and autumn come to a close, and here are some reasons why.  

  Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday, it’s not just about eating a big meal, but about coming together with the friends and family you love and being thankful for all the blessings in your lives. There is no reason to skip over such a great holiday by putting up decorations for Christmas too early.

  The Christmas season is the perfect follow up to Thanksgiving. It goes from a season of thankfulness to a season of giving. There is no reason to cut off autumn a month early just to get ready for Christmas. There is plenty of time to celebrate Christmas in December as well as enjoy autumn and Thanksgiving in November.

  Another reason to savor Thanksgiving is so you don’t get tired of your decorations by the time Christmas rolls around. Christmas decorations are fun, but if you have them up for two or more months, you may already be sick of them by the time Christmas comes along.  After a month or so decorations start to lose their magic and that could ruin the holiday for some people.

  Freshman Donovan Young waits until after Thanksgiving to celebrate for Christmas.

  “I want to enjoy Thanksgiving and celebrate with my family,” Young said, “There’s no reason to skip over one holiday to get ready for another.”

  Stores also encourage shoppers to celebrate early by putting up Christmas decorations before Halloween. It’s a trap meant to trick you into spending more of your money on Christmas.

  I love everything about Christmas, but I also love everything about Thanksgiving, and I don’t think one holiday should be overshadowed by another holiday that comes over a month after the first.

Written by Avery Lyle


Celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving has always been a topic of debate, but is there really a right or wrong answer, and are the people who choose not to celebrate one or the other being disrespectful?

  For many, Thanksgiving is an important holiday dedicated to celebrating how thankful we are, but for others, it is seen as disrespectful because of the controversial history behind it. It is told that the Pilgrims and Indians came together to celebrate a bountiful harvest of food  to show how thankful they were for each other, but we know that there is much more to it than that. The Pilgrims had a history of stealing the Native’s crops, using them as slaves, and infecting them with smallpox disease, making it not hard to see why some people would rather not celebrate Thanksgiving. In fact, the U.S. indigenous people from New England consider Thanksgiving to be a national day of mourning for their ancestors. While Thanksgiving can be a fun time for family and friends to get together, we should pay attention to the history behind it and remember the Natives that made it possible.

  I think we should be respectful of other people’s choices. If someone does not wish to celebrate Thanksgiving, then we have to understand where they are coming from and not judge based off of it. If you celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving then it is your choice, and that doesn’t make it right or wrong. Some people mention that they don’t need Thanksgiving to be thankful for their family, friends, and possessions, because they are thankful everyday, but many do not get to see some family a lot and Thanksgiving may be the only time they get to visit.

  Junior Megan Harris is one of those who always celebrates Christmas before Thanksgiving.

  “I believe it’s okay to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving because I see it as a holiday that can be skipped over. I personally don’t like Thanksgiving, so I choose to 

Art by Malia Evans

celebrate Christmas before it,” Harris elaborated.

  While I do not think that the history behind Thanksgiving should be celebrated, I can still

 respect the people that do for the sole purpose of being thankful and visiting loved ones. In my opinion, it does not matter if one chooses to celebrate Thanksgiving or not, we should just be respectful of it. Therefore, I do think that it is okay to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving. No one should be forced into doing something that makes them uncomfortable, and if that includes Thanksgiving, then so be it.

Written by Malia Evans

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