iPads at the end of the year

The 2016-2017 school year was the first year for Hilliard Schools to give iPads to every student in high school. At the beginning of the year there were mixed opinions about using iPads. Now that the school year is almost over, I wondered if students opinions had changed. I surveyed 20 students about iPads.

  The first question I asked was, “Did you like using iPads for school?” 56% of people said they sometimes liked using the iPads. 22% of people responded that they did like using iPads and 22% of people also said they did not like using iPads. These results were as I expected because I also feel that the iPads were sometimes useful. iPads are good when they work, but if the internet connection goes out, there’s nothing you can do with the iPad.

  There will always be people who do not like using technology, but what if we had something besides laptops? The second question I asked was, “Would you rather have a laptop?” The response was overwhelming yes, with 72% of people. 28% of people said no, they would keep the iPad. Personally, I would also rather have a laptop because not everything works on apple software. For example, the online math textbook cannot be accessed on the iPad, making it inconvenient to do homework.

  The next question I asked was, “Do you think iPads benefit us in the classroom?” The majority of people, with 68%, replied yes. 32% of people said no they don’t benefit the students in the classroom. I think iPads offer students and teachers useful tools that ultimately help us in the classroom.

  The last question I asked was, “Has your opinion of iPads changed from the beginning of the year?” The majority of people responded yes their opinions have changed.

   Sophomore Makenna Koehl did not like iPads at the beginning of the year, but now she does not mind them.

  “I was very against iPads, but I’m more neutral about them now. I’m still not a huge fan of them, but I think they are a good learning tool when they work,” Koehl stated.

  Overall, the general response to iPads was fairly positive. I think the school district has made a good investment in a tool that can help teachers and students. There will always be some sort of issue when using technology, and as long as the teacher has a backup plan, iPads can have a good impact on the classroom.

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