Into the Woods promises music and entertainment

IMG_3385 With spring comes budding flowers, warmer weather, and of course, the annual Darby Theatre Troupe’s Spring Musical. This year, the long-awaited performance will be Into the Woods starring senior Jessie Strait as the Witch, sophomore Kathryn McCarty as the Baker’s Wife, sophomore Avedis Escandon as the Baker, junior Christian Hill as Jack, senior Audrey Craddick as Little Red, and freshman Makenna Koehl as Cinderella. Senior Cassie Howard is the music director and senior Rebecca McCarty is the show’s choreographer.IMG_3271

  This musical combines many childhood fairy tales such as, the Baker and his wife, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and even Jack and the Beanstalk, but told in the style of the Grimm Brothers. The musical follows the travels of the Baker and his wife as they search for a way to reverse the curse that was cast on his father by the Witch, and now passed onto him. Through different twists and
turns, all the characters’ stories cross paths with the help of the Witch.

“[It’s] an amazing representation of classic Fairy Tales come to life through music and song along with what happens after “Happily Ever After” Director Justin Gates said.

  Junior Sarah Krumpe, playing Cinderella’s step-mother, told of the hard-work the actors are putting in to learn all the songs, in order to make this show one of their best.  

   “This show is very different from our past shows because it is almost entirely singing. It is very musically demanding and the actors have to work really hard to convey their emotions through their songs,” Krumpe stated.

  This musical is a first for the theater program because the story is almost completelyIMG_3270 told almost through song. With little breaks for dialogue, the actors must work hard to memorize and perform each of their songs to convey their characters.

  Sophomore Avedis Escandon is looking forward to a lot of things with the production of Into the Woods.

“One of the best parts of any show is the connections and friendships you make. Aside from that, I am thoroughly excited for the music,” Escandon said.

  The show will be performed in the PAC on April 29 and 30 at 7pm and May 1 at 3pm. Tickets will be sold at

Lauren Rogers

Staff Writer

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