Into the life of Jackson Janetski

Jackson Janetski is a senior at Hilliard Darby High School. Jackson plays soccer for Darby and has been a part of the Varsity Boys team all 4 years. Soccer has been a huge part of Jackson’s life. He told me he has played soccer for 13 years now and has never stopped loving the game. At the start of his senior season, Jackson was voted captain for the 2018 season. I wanted to dig deeper into why Jackson loves this game so much. One of my questions to him was, out of all the sports why did you choose to play soccer for this long?

  Without hesitation, Jackson responded with, “I choose soccer because there isn’t one day where I don’t enjoy the game and I love going out there everyday to play the game I truly love.” This is why Jackson was voted captain, because he never stops loving the game. Anyone could tell that Jackson’s true passion has been soccer for a long time and it will be with him forever. I asked Jackson what his plans were after high school and if he wanted to play in college. He thought about it for a second and stated, “I would love to further my soccer career and do plan on playing in college but I don’t know exactly where yet.”

      The Boys Varsity Soccer team has been battling this season with their ups and downs as any normal team would. Jackson shared that he believes the rest of the season will play out better than the first half of the season did because they were challenged with tougher competition. There was silence, then he added, “I think we’ll do pretty good in the tournament, we want to repeat what we did last year [District Champions] so we’ll definitely be motivated to do so.” With specific goals in mind, the team is always on the same page with continuous leadership.

      After Jackson was voted a captain for the 2018 season, he knew it was an important role he would have to take seriously. I asked him what it’s like to be a captain and what it has taught him so far.

  “Being a captain means a lot to me, it just shows that the guys respect me as a person rather than just a player and that means a lot, showing that they respect me enough to lead our team,” Jackson responded. I wanted to see what the other player on the team thought of him as their captain. I asked Senior Mattie Mills his thoughts on Jackson’s leadership “Jackson is definitely someone you can count on, on and off the field. He is positive and a hard worker and it shows in his work ethic,” Mattie said, “Jackson is someone that many underclassmen look up to because of his great leader instincts and always staying focused.”

  Jackson demonstrates positive leadership on and off the field and with that he was rewarded as team captain. With these characteristics, Jackson will go far in his soccer career and life.

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