How to Survive 2nd Semester

The second semester of the school year is upon us, and most would agree that it is the more challenging half of the year. With all the excitement of a brand new school year in the past, it can be challenging to survive the second half. Here are some tips on how to thrive as the year starts to come to a close. 


   Completing the recommended thirty minutes of activity per day is a great way to become more focused, and have an overall more productive mood. Additionally, exercise can make a person feel good, have improved self esteem and sleep better. Being active is beneficial to all aspects of life. 

Keep a Schedule

   Take time every week to plan for the upcoming school days. Write down any tests or quizzes for the next week to make sure you have time to study, and incorporate homework time as well. Even though school work is a top priority, spending time with friends is very important this time of year. It is easy to get burnt out by only focusing on school, so add time for hobbies and socializing to keep yourself as satisfied as possible. 

Make a Goal and Stick to it 

   By this time of year, the end is in sight. For most, it’s exciting to think about summer break as being relatively soon, but in reality it is four months worth of studying, homework and tests away. Keeping this in mind, it can be helpful to set small goals throughout the rest of the year to be your most productive self. Even a goal as simple as studying math for five extra minutes each day is motivating. 

Get Sleep

   As obvious as this tip is, it’s probably the most important. Nine hours are recommended for teenagers, which is a lot more than most get, and since high schoolers biologically don’t feel tired until 11pm and are required to wake up around 6:30am, naps are a great alternative. However, naps that are too long can interfere with student’s sleep schedule. The recommended nap length is roughly 20 minutes.

   Even though the second semester of school is a lot to handle, these tips can help you stay focused and successful.

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