How to prepare for the PSAT

With the PSAT being taken tomorrow, October 10th, students may find themselves stressed out, or doubting their ability to do well on the test. Mr. Maggied, a guidance counselor at Darby that runs the PSAT, has given some tips to students to make sure they are prepared to take the PSAT so they can come in on test day and have the energy and mindset to do their best on the test.

  “[Taking challenging classes] can get you to think about the format of the test, and different ways to interpret questions,” Maggied said, “It’s training for your brain to answer difficult questions.”

  When a student signs up for the PSAT, they should also receive a practice booklet. However, many students either choose not to do it, or do not receive one because they sign up online.

  “Every student should have a student guide if they have registered already. In it, it has tips on how to complete each section,” Maggied said, “There are practice questions and there is also a full length practice test that we recommend they take so they know the types of questions that are going to be asked, and so they can give themselves a pace on how fast they need to complete this section or that section.”

  Student guides are available in the guidance office.

  The official website on which you find information on the PSAT has tips of its own. According to the website, the best ways to prepare for the PSAT are to take challenging classes, do your homework, prepare for tests and quizzes, and ask and answer a lot of questions.

  If you are taking, or plan to take, the PSAT, following these tips may help you while you test, and may help you prepare for the test. Some other good things to do are to make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, and keeping a positive attitude.

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