How to keep April Fool’s Day fun

April Fool’s Day is a prankster’s favorite day of the year. It is a day where people go above and beyond to prank their friends and family, but sometimes, these pranks go too far. People have even been arrested for pranks gone wrong on April Fool’s. The following are some things to avoid when pranking.


  The first thing to never do when doing a prank for April Fool’s is to involve the police. Countless people have been arrested for prank calling the police. It’s not funny when the police get a call and arrive at the scene only to find it was a prank. These officers should be using their time to help people who are actually in need of help.


  The next thing to never do for a prank is doing something that will cause mass panic. For example, pretending a backpack has a bomb in it at a public place would cause mass panic, and would result in being detained. It’s not something people should mess with because these things really happen.


  Another thing to never do while pranking is doing a prank that may cause injury to anyone. There’s a fine line between making someone laugh or feel naive, and causing injury.


  The next thing to never do when pranking has to do with relationships. Pranks involving relationships usually cause mental harm to the person being pranked. For example, if the pranker knows someone really likes them, and they ask that person out, they say yes and then the dreaded “April Fool’s!” comes out. Imagine what the person felt like to finally have what they wanted just for it to turn into a joke on their feelings.


  The last thing to never do when pranking is doing something that will damage property. Damaging someone’s property is a crime not a prank. An example of this is if someone’s car windows are open and the pranker were to fill it with water, this would damage their property.


  No matter if someone is an avid prankster or just someone who participates on April Fool’s day shenanigans, they should avoid doing things that will harm others. Whether it’s damaging someone’s property, dialing the police, or causing mass panic, it crosses the line of acceptable pranks.

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