How to Get Better Grades in the Year of 2018

The year of 2018 is here, and many of us are already struggling to keep up with our resolutions. One thing a lot of people should be striving for this year is to get better grades. It is easier than it looks, and all anybody needs is just a little motivation. Here are some steps to start off the new year with straight A’s.


  1. Learn your learning style


  Some of us learn best with visuals, others by listening, and some by using their hands.

There are many tests online that can help you find out which learning style is best for you.

   This website seems to give the most accurate and helpful results:

  If you are a visual learner, things like drawing pictures that relate to your lesson will benefit you the most.

  If you learn best by listening, recording yourself saying important parts of the lesson, or making a song or rap out of the things that are hard for you to grasp will be best for you.

  Finally, if you are a kinetic learner, making flashcards will help you be more hands-on and grasp the content better.


  1. Get organized


  This is a given, but even so, we tend to forget how important it is to do. Keep a planner on you at all times, this way when a due date or event is announced you can quickly jot it down. You can also use an app to do this if that is more your style.

  Make sure to have a set time to do your work. Whether it be right when you get back home from school or after dinner, make sure you know when you need to do whatever you need to do so that you stay on track with all your school work.


  1. Do Homework!


  As gruesome as it sounds, it is essential in order for you to understand the material. If you find it hard to do because it feels like such a chore, try doing it with friends who have the same class. This way you also have someone to help you understand things as you are working on the assignment. Just make sure you do your own work even if you are working with someone else. But, copying the work of others is just as bad as not doing it at all.


  These are just some tips to get you started, there are many more ways to get you the grades you want in the year of 2018! Work hard and do not give up!

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