How likely are snow days this season?

As the winter season begins, the question of whether we will be having snow days or not starts to come up. The last snow day Hilliard has seen was in 2015, yet every year students are ever hopeful. Is it any different this winter season?

Last year in 2016 it barely snowed, and when it did it did not stick, or melted away the next day. It is likely that the same pattern will happen this year, as the snow that we did get on December 9th has already melted like it was never on the ground in the first place. Because of this, the probability of a snow day happening is very low due to the warmer winter season.

According to, the most snow that Ohio has ever gotten was 22 inches in 2003, but now 14 years later, it seems like we can’t even reach an inch anymore. What change in the climate is making this happen?

Global warming is a probable reason as to why Ohioans rarely see inches of snow anymore. During the previous months of November and October, there were some days that felt like they should have been in the spring when it was really fall. Now in December, it feels like we are behind with the seasons yet again. Remember when it used to snow around Thanksgiving, and sometimes even Halloween?

The climate is getting warmer from the factories and man-made products that create unnecessary heat, so it is no wonder that that has not happened in years. states that 2016 was the warmest year on record and that 8 of the 12 months were warmer than they should have been for those respective seasons, including winter.

Art drawn by Malia Evans

Snow days happening this year cannot be counted on. Some elementary school students have not even experienced a snow day because of the warmer weather. Think back on how much snow qualified as a snow day when we were in elementary school, and compare it to how much snow we get now. If a snow day does happen this year, it would be a Christmas miracle.

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