Honduras Food Shortage

   During the crisis of COVID-19, the global repercussions are catastrophic to small countries, such as Hondurus. The United States often aids the country by providing food that can be shipped over.  Due to the pandemic, the food shipments haven’t been going out, so the children and families are severely malnourished and food shipping prices have significantly increased. Many organizations and communities have used their resources to help the struggling people. 

   One of these communities is Life Community church in Hilliard, Ohio. This local community assisted in packing and assembling food for ‘Sowers for Pastors’ in Honduras. ‘Sowers for Pastors’ is an organization that does many things, including supplying children with food and school supplies. The church succeeded in packing 301 boxes over the span of a couple weeks. Church members and local volunteers would come in and be part of the packing process. 

   Highschool sophomore Lauren Davis was a volunteer in this event. 

   Lauren described her job stating, “Basically there were generally 3 people at a station and we had one person scoop oats, one person scoop cinnamon and sugar, and the last person would measure the bag and make sure we put enough ingredients in. Our group did one bag at a time and switched jobs every couple minutes.”

   There was a lot of work from the staff that went into this event. 

   Worship and young adult pastor Brett Muschott spoke about the work he put into the process saying, “My roles for this event included: Helping unload the boxes of food, setting up tables and supplies ahead of time, and finally leading the packing for the Tuesday of that week. Unloading and setting up were simply following Allen’s directions. (Allen is the director for ‘Sowers for Pastors’) However, leading the packing for Tuesday required preparation. I made sure I knew how each part of the process worked by watching the example video Allen supplied us several times. When it came to the night of, I was ready to instruct and guide each person through each part of the process which helped us start quickly!”

   Highschooler Emma Kennedy was a dedicated volunteer involved on multiple nights. When talking about her favorite part in the process, she stated, “It was probably because I knew that I was helping feed people and spending time with friends while doing that. It was cool to know that I was helping people while also getting to spend some meaningful time with friends/leaders.”

   Overall, this was a meaningful experience shared by members of the local community. Honduras, like various other countries, is struggling and the people there could use support. There are many ways people can continue to help each other globally and in their own backyard. 

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