Homecoming was worth the wait

This is it, the night everyone has been waiting for. Students have bought their overpriced dresses that will probably never be worn again, spent an unhealthy amount of time curling their hair, and wasted way more time thinking of clever homecoming proposals than they should have. However, after all this everyone can honestly say that homecoming 2017 was a night to remember.

  The lead up to Saturday night started off with spirit week. Students showed off their panther pride all week by participating in the spirit week festivities, including themes such as pajama day, and throwback day. On Wednesday night the hype continued with the homecoming bonfire, where the homecoming court was introduced. Friday night the school spirit carried on as the Varsity football pulled off an impressive 31-6 win over the Mount Vernon Yellow Jackets, and Lauren Sweeney and Tyler Stitzel were crowned homecoming Queen and King.

  After all of the lead up, homecoming night had finally arrived, and for a lot of Darby students it was an unforgettable night. Many students, such as Freshman Taylor Clark, agree that getting ready for the dance was their favorite part of the night.

  “My favorite part was definitely getting ready and taking pictures with my friends,” Clark stated, “we had a lot of fun and I definitely plan on going back next year.”

  Being her first year at homecoming, Clark enjoyed going with her friends and is excited to attend homecoming for the rest of her years at Darby.

  Other students will agree that the dance itself is the best part of homecoming. With the DJ, photo booth, colorful lights, and all of your friends together, the dance can be pretty fun. The theme of the dance, “Once Upon a Time”, was projected onto the gymnasium wall during the dance as well. There was even an area to go outside and get some fresh air from the crowded gym if you needed to, so whether dancing is your thing or not, there was something to do for everyone at the dance.

  For the seniors, this was their last homecoming night as a Darby student. Many seniors who attended the dance, while excited, also expressed sadness that this was their last homecoming night at Darby.

  Senior Abbey Ansel is going to miss the homecoming festivities when she graduates.

  “I’m going to miss going out to a school event and getting dressed up with my friends,” Ansel stated, “[homecoming] is fun and different and a great way to meet new people.”

  Like many other seniors Ansel has attended homecoming all four of her years at Darby and beliefs that it is important that everyone attends homecoming at least once during their time at Darby.

  Homecoming night is a special part of the high school experience and even just taking part in spirit week or coming to the football game is a great way to be involved in the school and show your school spirit.

  Hopefully everyone had a great time at homecoming, and to read more about spirit week, the bonfire, or the homecoming football game. Check out the other stories in the student life and sports sections of the paper to read about the other parts of homecoming week.

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