Homecoming Bonfire

The Homecoming bonfire is an annual event that excites students for the homecoming football game and the dance the following Saturday. Students come to dance, throw frisbees, and play cornhole in the light of the massive fire. The Homecoming Court is introduced along with a unique handshake from every couple. Students come together and dance to the music from the DJ.

  The event is organized by the Sophomore Cabinet and their advisor, Mr. Hunt. When we asked Mr. Hunt what he and the Cabinet had done to prepare for the event, he told us that they had held multiple meetings to discuss new ideas, but the bonfire stayed relatively the same as last year. The DJ is always taken care of, so the only job they had was to set up the cornhole and sell tickets.

  Every year students seem to enjoy themselves and this year was no exception.

 Sophomore Reece Ludwig enjoyed hanging out with friends at the bonfire.

  “It’s super fun and there’s a lot of different groups of students here so we all can socialize with people who we normally don’t see as much around school,” he explained.

  The music was much like the songs that were played at homecoming the next Saturday, and everyone was prepared to dance when the Cupid shuffle came on.

  A tradition between homecoming court nominees is to do a handshake when their name is announced, and this year did not disappoint. The court members received lots of applause from their prepared handshakes as the eager seniors got ready to be crowned king and queen at the homecoming football game the following Friday.

  The Homecoming bonfire is always during spirit week and helps pump up the students. Mackenzie Hessick, a sophomore class cabinet representative, believes it’s always a great festivity to get students ready for the dance.

  “I think it’s important to have spirit week before Homecoming so that we can raise awareness for Homecoming and get the people in the right attitude and get them eager and ready to go,” she said.

 The Homecoming dance was Saturday, September 22, and was a great activity for the student body. The bonfire always has a strong turnout and is always an exciting event for students.

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