Homecoming bonfire is lit in more than one way

The annual Homecoming bonfire on Wednesday the 21st of September, and was lit, just like the bonfire wristbands states. Wristbands were sold for $2 during the lunches. The event took place at the North fields at 7:00pm where the administrators were building the bonfire, which was made of wooden platforms that could burn easily.

  Assistant Principal Chad Schulte tells us how the bonfire helps the students to build spirit and have fun during homecoming week.
  “It gets them excited about the events happening during the week and also get excited for the game and support the Panthers,” Schulte said.

  As the sun went down students were coming and at first all of them were in individual groups. A few Seniors and Juniors were dancing a little, but when the Administrators told the students they would be offering free tickets for the Homecoming dance to the best dancers, the atmosphere changed. All the students gathered together in a circle in the middle and started the show.

  After the winners were picked, everyone stayed in the circle students and danced to the R&B music played by the DJ. Some danced, while others just talked, but it was all a success.

   Senior Jazmen Garcia feels that the bonfire is very enjoyable and everyone has a good time.

“There’s more spirit and excitement everyone talks and gets along with each other it’s so much fun,” Garcia explains, “I went because of school spirit and to enjoy my senior year with my best friends,” Garcia said with excitement.

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