Homecoming bonfire heats up Darby’s spirit

IMG_1042Water jugs, cantaloupes and even people were passed around in the animated crowd at the homecoming bonfire held at the North fields on Oct. 7. Wristbands costing $2 were sold during lunches and at the bonfire as the ticket into the event.    

   Sophomore Class Cabinet advisor, Tara Thompson, explained how the money is going into the 2018 class fund, which is mainly for prom, and how each class has their own fund as well.  

  At first everyone was standing around in their own little groups but when the spirit leadersIMG_8933 told everyone to gather towards the front, where the DJ was located, it seemed like no one was going to deny their wishes. Soon most of the students there were in a circle in the middle dancing to the loud music. Song choices included, Lil Mama’s Lipgloss, Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) by Silentó, and iHeartMemphis’ Hit the Quan.

  Police officers, and other staff members monitored the students. Matt Middleton and Chad Schulte kept the bonfire made up of 30 palettes going until the end of the night.

  “I feel like this is our school culture…we’re all Panthers. I think it’s awesome,” said Middleton.    

IMG_1069   The exciting atmosphere of the night started when someone held a cantaloupe high up into the night sky. This cantaloupe was not like other cantaloupes. It was small in stature, and had a face drawn upon it in orange marker. This cantaloupe would remain the focal point of the entire night. The cantaloupe, after being apart of fruit bowling at lunch Tuesday would go on a wild ride. It was brought to a soccer game, on an ice cream trip, and eventually to the bonfire. The cantaloupe, named “Turnt Cantaloupe” or simply TC, was passed around, thrown from person to person, raised up like it was Simba in The Lion King by a little kid standing above the crowd, and smashed on the ground during the last song of the night.

   Spirit leader Senior Luther Nyirenda explained the future plans for “Turnt Cantaloupe”.

 “We’re going to do a surgery [Thursday] , and reconstruct it Saturday. He’ll be at homecoming at full effect,” Nyirenda revealed.

 IMG_1058 The evening ended with the repeated chanting of “Cantaloupe! Cantaloupe!” and everyone taking the long walk back to the parking lot cheerfully.


Olivia Deslandes–Staff Writer

Mac Capka–Staff Writer

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