HMilton stuns in Chicago

The Broadway musical Hamilton took the world by storm after it won eleven Tony’s in 2016. Since then there have been many off Broadway productions made. I have been a die-hard fan of Hamilton for multiple years, and was skeptical about how well the production of Hamilton would be in Chicago. Recently I got the opportunity to fly to Chicago and experience the glory that is Hamilton.

After seeing the production, I was not disappointed. I was happy to see that instead of doing it exactly as it was on Broadway, each cast member put their own spin on the musical, the songs were sung in their own way, and the lines were delivered different than on Broadway. I have seen many productions before, both on Broadway and off, this one by far was my favorite.

Hamilton is performed in the historic CIBC Theatre, which sits 1800 people when sold out, which it almost always is. The atmosphere was phenomenal and everyone was on their edge of their seats throughout the whole musical. The audience stayed entertained from the moment the house lights went down, that didn’t stop until the final curtain.

It’s almost like a Shakespearean play, a mixture of drama, comedy, and tragedy. All of those aspects were present. The second act was filled with drama as Alexander Hamilton payed the repercussions of his affair with Mariah Reynolds. Whenever King George sauntered onto the stage there were many laughs from the audience. The musical was also painfully tear jerking as the audience had to watch Hamilton lose some of the people in his life that he was the closest to.

Before Hamilton started I was skeptical with how it would compare to the original cast, but after the musical began I was no longer a skeptic. The deliverance of the musical was perfect and there wasn’t a single part of it that should’ve been different. The cast performed the ballads in a perfect and dramatic fashion. This off-Broadway production of Hamilton was brilliantly performed and did not disappoint.

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