Hilliard Holiday Hop and 27th Tree Lighting a fun time for all

Hundreds of people gathered in Old Hilliard on Monday, December 4th to celebrate the city’s annual Hilliard Holiday Hop and 27th Tree Lighting. The tree lighting is an event that happens every year at the beginning of December, and everyone gathers around a big Christmas tree and counts down to its lighting.

  This was the second year that the lighting was held in the Historical Village of Old Hilliard, since its construction was completed over a year ago.

  There were many more people that showed up for the lighting because there were a lot more things to do. This year they expanded the event by having  more things for people to do. Along with the pictures with Santa and carolers, there was face painting, a small petting zoo, horse drawn carriages, ice sculpting, and a reindeer.


Families joined in to meet some unique animals.

Families joined in to meet some unique animals.

   Among some of the carolers was Chamber Choir, who opened the event. They put a lot of hard work into getting ready for their performance at the lightning.

  One of the singers was Senior Elise Gebhart, who was excited for the tree lighting performance.

  “The performance went great! We all worked very hard and we were very excited to sing,” Gebhart said.

  The petting zoo included animals like turkeys, ducks, and even a pig named Wilbur. The adorable little pig drew a lot of attention, since it was running around its pen as he played with a ball filled with treats. Children circled around the pen with their arms out waiting for Wilbur to go past them so they could pet him.

All photos taken by Kiera Toliver

All photos taken by Kiera Toliver

  The tree lighting is a tradition for many families, with all the activities for people to do, it brings back people every year.


After the 10 second count down, they lit the tree.

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