Hilliard Fall Festival

Hilliard likes to start off the season right with their annual Fall Festival. This festival takes place at Hilliard Municipal Park where they have lots of fun fall activities to start off this great fun season.

   At the park, there was live music from the band, North to Nashville. They are a local country band from Columbus with an energetic and modern vibe to their music. Also at the event there were lots of free activities for all ages. 

   Personally, my favorites were axe throwing, the hay wagon ride, and the petting zoo. The axe throwing was very fun, but a little difficult because you had to throw the axe at the right angle for it to stick into the board. The hay wagon ride is always a classic activity for the fall season. This ride went around the big pond in the back of the park. During the hayride they put out many famous characters like Disney princesses Moana and Anna. They also had some superheros like Superwoman and Spider-man. The petting zoo was especially fun because they had animals such as, exotic snakes, llamas, and more different animals you do not get to see every day. 


   The park also had many stations set up from the Hilliard Historical Society teaching kids about life in the past. One station I really loved was the apple cider station. There, they had an old apple cider maker showing kids how they grind up the apples and took out the seeds. They would let kids try out the maker and then taste what they created. 


There were lots of families in attendance at this event and they just loved coming.

   “We’ve come for two years and just love it,” a local visitor with two young toddlers said, “It’s just a great event to take our kids to because there are so many fun little activities to keep them entertained.”

   The Hilliard Fall Festival is a great way to set of the Fall season because it is great for all ages. Some other upcoming events to look forward to from Hilliard are the Vintage Market Days on the 28th at the Franklin County Fairgrounds, Coffee with a Cop on the 2nd at Coffee Connections, and many more. Hope to see you next year!