Hilliard Fall Festival Recap

On September 16th, the annual Hilliard Fall Festival was held at Municipal Park. The festival lasted from 1pm to 4pm, with a huge crowd of people from the start coming out to share the festivities with others. Because of the large number of people, parking was a challenge. Cars were wrapped around the whole park from behind the pool to the sand volleyball courts. Overlooking the parking, there were many activities for families and kids.

The activities at the park ranged from large inflatables to hay wagon rides. There was also the Nick Netherton Band keeping the whole place lively and cheerful. Another great spot that was favored by many of the visitors was the petting zoo and ‘Turtle Lady’.

“Our favorite part of today was Turtle lady,” a visitor said, “She had exotic and cool reptiles that you could pet. Another bonus was that the lizards wore funky hats.”

A great area for children to learn was the historical area.They had set up things that children would have been doing around the time of the Civil War. Some games that were set up from the time period were stilts, hoop rolling, and wagon pulling. Another section from the area was a school room with desks and writing utensils like chalk.
If you ever got hungry, there were a variety of food trucks there too. Some of the trucks included lobster, waffles, chicken strips, and ice cream on their menus. The lobster truck was especially busy with its enormous wait. However, the food was worth the wait.

We decided to test out some of these activities throughout the day, and they were very entertaining, to say the least. We first went to the petting zoo, Claire loves animals. Then we gave the stilts a try, but none of us were very good. We also made apple cider, and gave it a taste test. The hay ride, we would say, was by far the most fun, despite being the oldest people on the ride, who were not parents. Lastly, we ate. We went for the chicken fingers and mac and cheese, which was definitely the right decision. The food was very good. We had a great time, and do every year.

The Hilliard Fall Festival is a fantastic way to kick off Fall in our community! Thank you to all the volunteers and workers that make this event happen every year. We are looking forward to the years to come!

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