Hilliard Darby Intramurals

Intramurals are under way at Darby, kicking off on January 16 in a completely different way than the normal seasons we have seen. These intramurals, a staple for many students at the beginning of the second semester, have had to undergo many challenges to ensure they can play in a safe, COVID friendly environment. 

One of the biggest differences teams have had to go through this year is the multiple groups that have been put into place. These groups are split into “A” and “B” groups to limit the number of people in the fieldhouse at any time. This system has proved to be an effective one so far, and games have been able to be completed at an effective rate. 

Masks have been a useful tool as well, with them being worn at all times by the student athletes while not actively participating in a game. The rules are extremely strict about the use of masks, explaining in the email regarding signups, sent by Mr. Olsheski said  “EVERYONE will wear a mask while waiting outside and entering the gym. Masks MUST be worn at all times when NOT actively participating in a game.” 

 Having a season like this comes risks and therefore those who decided not to participate, including Sanjith Sudhir, a member of last year’s championship team. Sudhir explains that his choice was based on health and decreased student involvement saying “I didn’t play intramurals because I didn’t wanna risk getting COVID and they’re are many less teams.” 

With that being said, the intramural teams led by Mr. Middleton and Mr. Olseshki have done a great job following the guidelines laid out by the state of Ohio in order to ensure a fun, but also safe season. From the temperature checks at the door to the policy of no gathering in the parking lot, they have ensured a safe season for everyone involved and have maintained the fun that has been a part of years prior. This past year has made a lot of plans change, but the intramurals team have adapted to the pandemic while still playing a full season.

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