Heritage Trail Dog Park Review

Since the quarantine began I’ve been looking for new things to get outside and do, and since I had gotten a dog just recently, I decided that going to a dog park would be a great idea. After looking for one online I settled on the Heritage Trail Metro Park. 

   Just about everyday it’s been warm enough and not too wet outside, I’ve taken my dog there and she’s had a great time each visit. Even after asking another park goer what they believed could be improved about the park they had nothing. 

   The park has two sides one for smaller dogs and one for bigger dogs. Both sides have a couple tunnels set up too. The park also has plenty of benches for you to sit down and relax, and plenty of space on both sides for your dog to enjoy themselves and run free, whether they’re big or small. 

   However, another park goer and I agree that the larger dog side of the park could use some maintenance. 

   “They definitely can improve the larger dog side by filling in some of the muddy parts so you can avoid having to clean off your dog every time before you go,” the dog owner shared. 

   I’ve had some issues with this before as well. One time my dog decided to lay completely in a mud filled puddle, so I recommend bringing a towel just in case, however, if you have a small dog you probably wouldn’t need to worry too much since that side drains very well. 

    If you do decide to bring your dog to the park I have some tips that could be helpful. The first one is if your dog isn’t very social then stick to the small dog side so they don’t get overwhelmed, although, if there are only a few dogs on the larger side then you should be fine. This is just to avoid them being scared or defensive since every new dog that enters the park is usually greeted right away by a group of dogs. 

   Another tip is definitely think about the time you bring your dog. It seems as though after 1pm and the weekends are the busiest times with the most dogs. 

   My final tip is to not worry about bringing treats if there are a lot of dogs there and if you’re not a fan of being jumped on. 

   I hope you think about bringing your dog out to enjoy the park. 

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