Heritage 7th grader has a serious talent for spray paint

Photo courtesy of @theheritagems

7th grader Roman DeMatteo is currently taking over the Hilliard Heritage Middle School Twitter account with his incredible and surprising talent. DeMatteo is a self taught spray paint artist. After sharing his process for creating his amazingly realistic “Moon Over Water” painting with the art department at Heritage, he was featured on the school Twitter account, catching the attention of students and staff throughout the school district.  
    DeMatteo discovered his talent around two years ago. While watching YouTube online DeMatteo came across some videos of people creating paintings with spray paint. DeMatteo was immediately interested.
“I saw videos of people doing one minute spray paints and I was like, ‘man I want to try this!’” DeMatteo said. 
    After watching these tutorials DeMatteo felt inspired. He managed to convince his mom

Photo courtesy of @theheritagems

 to buy him three cans of spray paint and he created his first painting. Since then, DeMatteo’s passion for painting has grown, and through the help of YouTube tutorials he has created many more stunning works of art.  

     DeMatteo has even developed some techniques to create the different visual effects in his paintings. To make the planet pictured to the left he used a circular object such as a plate or pan as a stencil.  After spray painting around the stencil to create an outline, he starts adding color from the lightest shade to the darkest shade in order to make the planet appear to be three dimensional. DeMatteo has also discovered ways to create texture with his spray paint.

  “To make the texture that I got I would spray paint the whole thing [planet] white, and then I would crumple up newspaper, put it over top and some of the white paint would peel off,”

DeMatteo explained.
    DeMatteo’s artwork is a great example of how spray paint can be manipulated using different methods to create some incredibly realistic scenery. He enjoys using these skills he has learned to create galaxy and planet paintings, much like the ones pictured above. 

    DeMatteo is excited about his future as an art student at Heritage as well. He is currently taking art classes at HMS as a 7th grader and plans to take advanced 3-D art as an 8th grader. Although art is more of a hobby right now, DeMatteo hopes to continue to grow as a spray painter and continue to create art in his future.
    To check out more artwork from DeMatteo and other artists at Darby and Heritage, follow @DarbyArtAttack and @theheritageart on Twitter.

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