Haunted houses are perfect for the fall season

Throughout all of September to the beginning of November, many people find entertainment in visiting haunted houses to get into the spooky spirit. There are over a dozen haunted house attractions throughout central Ohio where people can pay to enter and try to make it through the whole haunted house without being too scared to continue. Quite a few people will also go out and find abandoned houses that look haunted, which is much less enthralling to everybody, as abandoned houses can end up being unsafe, especially if they’re older buildings.

  Whether it’s a haunted house, or a haunted maze, the attractions have thousands of visitors each Halloween. Throughout all of October, most everyone enjoys being scared and places like the 13th floor in Columbus fit the bill perfectly.

  The 13th floor is one of the most popular haunted house attractions in Columbus. Each week it has a different theme, and visitors can experience the haunted 13th floor of an abandoned building. The haunted house addresses the legend of why buildings frequently leave out the 13th floor, and what happens on the secret levels built into some older buildings.

  One of the best haunted mazes in Ohio is the Haunted Hoochie. This maze is packed every night of the week during spooky season. It is often considered the best, and has even received national acclaim. USA Today ranked it in the top ten in the whole country for its terrifying experience.

  If you are looking for a fun Halloween experience in the future for young kids, it is recommended that you do not bring them to a haunted house, as most of them are intended for mature audiences. There are many kid friendly places during Halloween, such as a pumpkin patch or corn maze.

  If you go to the 13th Floor or the Haunted Hoochie you won’t be disappointed. If you can’t visit those haunted locations, there are many other haunted houses in Columbus that are just as scary, and will give you a fright. Even though haunted houses are scary, people are meant to have fun when they go, so go and make some fun and spooky memories during the next Halloween season.

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