Governor’s Art Awards recognizes Darby art students

Darby art students are making panther nation proud. There were 23 pieces of art selected by the regional jurors to be on display in the 2016 Governor’s Regional Youth Art Exhibit. Out of those 23,  two pieces were selected to the next tier of the competition. Seniors Anna Burkhart and Hannah Lee will each have one piece on display at the Governor’s Office. Lee crafted a ceramic piece called “Sum”, and Burkhart spun a series of ceramic jars entitled “Les Animaux”.

  The students who were recognized at the regional division were Anna Burkhart, Hannah Lee, Marian Allen, Jessica Atkins, Mikayla Ellis, Gabriella Friel, Nicole Hampton, Lara Haney, Monica Link, Dominic Serra, Allison Marisol, Kaitlynne Chapman, Elise Gebhart, Allison Powell, Noelle Russell, Maey Emam, Brennan Violette, Ethan Crabtree, Madonna Evans, Julie Green, and Leah Kim.

Ceramic jars entitled "Les Animaux" by Anna Burkhart.

Ceramic jars entitled “Les Animaux” by Anna Burkhart

Ceramic piece entitled "Sum" by Hannah Lee.

Ceramic piece entitled “Sum” by Hannah Lee

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