Girls Volleyball Fights Back to win game against Thomas

 On Thursday, September 6th the Girls Varsity Volleyball team faced Thomas Worthington. With a long warm up, the Lady Panthers looked prepared and focused to make this game a victory. Just by watching the team warm up, anyone could have seen they were taking it seriously and not just going through the motions.

      At the start of the first game the Panthers had a good lead. As Thomas Worthington started to come back and tie each point, the girls never gave up. The first game was close, the score would go back and forth between the two teams, seeing who wanted it more. By the end of the first game the Panthers won and switched sides to try to defeat the Cardinals again.

 The next set was the same way, the score would go back and forth until the Panthers got to 25, winning the second game. As the Panthers had momentum going into the third set, they came out on top beating the Cardinals 25-18.

  I talked with senior, Annie Rauch about how the team prepares for tough games.

  She quickly replied with, “We prepare for tough games by going extra hard in practice. The season didn’t start off how we wanted it to, but we’re definitely gaining momentum and confidence now.” I also asked her how she thought the team did against Thomas Worthington. Annie stated, “We played well but there is still a lot to work on. That game was definitely the best team effort we’ve had so far.”

      Volleyball is a sport that requires constant focus and concentration. That night the Panther Volleyball team showed excellent teamwork and even when they were down, they fought back to the top.

  After the game I talked with Junior, Olivia Krumpe about her thoughts of the game. With a big crowd that night I asked, how does the energy in the gym affect the way you guys play? Olivia described that when there are a lot of people in the crowd and a student section, they feed off people cheering for them.

  She said, “The energy definitely affects the way we play because when it is a close game and the crowd is being positive and cheering, we get pumped and play our best games with a lot of embers throughout the gym.”

      The Girls Volleyball team at Darby is a strong set of individuals that create a great group to watch play. Catch their next big game on September 13 at Hilliard Bradley!

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