Girls’ varsity volleyball whoops Worthington Wolves

The girls’ varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen teams played against the Worthington Kilbourne Wolves on Tuesday, September 20.

  The first set out of five of the varsity game was hard fought as Kilbourne got a seven point lead on Darby. Despite a rocky start, the Panthers ended up winning 26-24, thanks to some great hits by number 21 and Senior, Kali Apelt and number 34, Junior Lauren Chance. Both girls play the middle position, and Chance is also a blocker.

  In the second set the Panthers pulled ahead of the Wolves, who seemed to be losing their spirit, and won that set 25-13. At this point it became apparent that Junior and number 16, Maddy Smith, was one of the strongest players on her team and delivered a lot of aces, when the other team doesn’t even get a chance to touch the ball before it hits the ground, as well as some well timed tips over the net.

  The game seemed to be going really well for the Darby girls, and they only had to win one more set to win the game. Unfortunately, this is when the game began to go downhill a bit. The third set was lost 25-22, despite Apelt’s many unexpected hits, as well as number 41 and middle blocker Annie Rauch’s amazing blocks.

  After losing the third set, things became more intense as the Wolves played better than they had in any of the other sets. Things got even more intense when the fourth set was also lost 25-22.

  In the fifth and final set of a volleyball game, the tensions were at their highest. The score cap goes to only 15 instead of 25, and the Panther girls were able to pull it together to win the game with a score of 15-10 in the final set, with the last point being won by the star of the game, Maddy Smith.

  The next girls’ volleyball game is Tuesday, September 27 at Dublin Scioto High School. This is going to be an exciting season for volleyball!

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