Girls’ Varsity Volleyball starts out strong

Darby girls’ varsity volleyball is back, and looking to defend their OCC title! Last year, they were undefeated in the OCC and only lost two regular season games. Unfortunately, their season ended a lot sooner than they had hoped or expected. This season is looking to be just as good, if not better. Senior Cambron Hampton shared the team’s goal for the season.

  “Well first, we want to defend our OCC title, then our main goal is to make it to states,” said Hampton.

  They have had a good start to their season going 4-2, and a great start to Davidson week coming out with a 2-0 victory on Saturday, August 26th. On Tuesday, August 29th they had another great win over Dublin Scioto at home.

  Senior Lauren Chance played a great game with a lot of outstanding blocks and kills. Junior Annie Rauch also had a great game holding a strong front on the net with lots of blocks. Freshman Destiny White really showed off her talents on the court last night as well, with her first high school varsity volleyball kill.

  September 26th they are back at home for a tough matchup against Dublin Scioto, and the stands need to be packed! On Thursday they go up against Delaware Hayes, both being home games.

  “There is never a game that is going to be boring. A volleyball game can go so many different ways in just one set. It’s just fun to watch,” said Hampton. Good luck this season Panthers!


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