Girls Varsity Soccer loses to Davidson

On Thursday, September 1st, the varsity girls soccer team played a rough game against the Davidson Wildcats. This was the lady Panther’s second game of the season.

   At the end of the first half, the Panthers were down by one goal. The girls recovered when Freshman Naomi Walters scored a goal.

   Walters, as well as the rest of the team, played a very hard game, but Davidson had a good defense. 

   Unfortunately, Davidson scored another goal. Our team fought until the end, but the Wildcats won the game.

   Senior Nedine Rasul showed her support for the Panther girls after the game.

   “I thought it was a pretty hard game. Our girls played very hard, I’m sure they will get it next time,” Rasul shared.

   The Varsity girls soccer team is preparing for their next game on September 15 against Big Walnut.

   The season is just starting and the girls on the soccer team are going to try their best to overcome previous losses.

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