Girls Soccer Team Takes Victory Against Marysville

The Girls Varsity soccer team finished off their regular season with their senior night on Thursday, October 12th with a great win, beating the Marysville Monarchs in a heated 2-0 game. They went into what they knew was going to be a very difficult game physically as well as mentally, and the Panther girls rose to the occasion and played an outstanding game.
Marysville scored a goal early on but it was called offsides by officials. Shortly after, Darby put one in by a throw in, followed by a cross. Marysville began to push up their team to add on the pressure, hoping to tie the game. Their backside was left open and Darby was able to score the second goal in the last two minutes. It was a great game for Darby and both teams put in all their effort.
Assistant Coach Lauren Hall shares her thoughts on the game. “The girls have had a very strong season but have consistently had issues with communication breakdowns. This was our focus for this game. The girls did a wonderful job in executing this and found much better success in their pass sequences, resulting in 2 goals and giving up 0,” said Hall.
The team celebrated their senior night, where they honored their seniors for their last regular season game playing for Darby. The seniors that were honored were #2 Hannah Knobloch, #3 Brynn Miller, #7 Gabby Thayer, #8 Blair Cowan, #9 Olivia Kane, #11 Maddy Grobe, #14 Emily Radcliffe, #19 Dailyn Williams, and #99 Gillian Tinney.
The team finished their season with an impressive record of 11-4-3, qualifying them for the state tournament. They have shown improvement all around throughout the year and are ready to leave their legacy on Darby athletics.
The team also went on to become the district champions, marking the end of their great season.

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