Girls junior varsity soccer final game

Despite the chilly weather, the girls Junior Varsity soccer team took a win over Bradley. The Panthers took on the Jaguars at 5:30 on October 13. The overall score was 3-0.

   The Lady Panthers came out fighting with a strong defense. The first shot of the game was taken by Darby, however it was blocked by Bradley’s goalie. It was not long before the first goal of the game was scored. The shot was taken by #3 Sophomore Caitlyn Spencer. This was the only goal scored in the first quarter, making the standings 1-0.

  The second quarter began a battle for the ball. Each team did their best to get the ball in the goal, but they were repeatedly blocked by the goalies. The first shot of second half was taken by #7 Freshman Taylor Mahaffey. She landed the shot, bringing the score to 2-0.

  The Bradley girls tried to score many times, but to no avail. The last goal of the game was very exciting, with only five minutes left to go. The girls ran down the field toward the goal, fighting for control of the ball the whole way. The crowd held their breath as #8 Freshman Carli Rigel took the final shot of the game.The final score was 3-0.

  This was the last game of the season and the girls sure ended well. Coach Lauren Hall talked about the JV girls this season.

  “They’ve had a fantastic season and they’ve worked really well together. [The game] was a nice way to end the season,” Hall stated.

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