Girls bowl at district level

In my freshman year, I joined the Darby bowling team. At the time, the team was comprised of two seniors, two of my freshman friends, and me. In bowling, teams and individuals advance to districts if they are in the top 20, then those 20 compete in districts, and the top four teams advance from there. Five girls was barely enough girls to field a team, let alone win or advance as a team to districts.

  When I returned for my sophomore season, my teammate and I posted flyers and online about try-outs. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of girls who came out for the team. We were a young team, and although we won more matches that season, we still had no chance of making it to the district match.

  So when the girls team broke our all-time high match score in our very first match this year, our season was looking up. Now we had 13 bowlers, seven of which were bowling on varsity. Our final record of six victories was an accomplishment alone. We had a shot at being the first Darby girls bowling team to advance to the district contest.

  On Feb. 20, we competed in the sectional match. The day of truth had come, and I think we all were a little nervous; we had a chance, but only if we were on our a-game.

  I have never cheered so loudly at a bowling match than I did at sectionals that day. My throat hurt and I lost my voice, but it kept up the team morale. By the end, we became tired and our scores began to drop. Three individual games and six team games are enough to tire anyone out. If we were to qualify for the district match, the scores would be close.

  It was time for the last game, and we were exhausted. I gathered my team mates around, and let them know how proud I was of them. Never before had our team come this close to a sectionals victory, and I said if this was going to be the last game of the season, it had better be a good one.

  In the blink of an eye, the last game was over. Now all we could do is wait for the final standings. It seemed like an eternity as our nerves bubbled and stomachs churned.

Girls Bowling

Photo taken by Justin Clute

  When the announcer came over the loudspeaker, we all held our breath in anticipation,  arms around each other’s shoulders. The bowling alley was eerily silent. The announcer began to name of the teams who would advance to districts. With each passing score we got more and more hopeful. Then it came; “Hilliard Darby” came over the intercom, and we erupted into cheers. We were the
first Darby girl’s bowling team to ever advance to districts.

  I am the only remaining member from the team my freshman year. I have seen the team grow immensely. I have seen us at our best and at our worst. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that we would one day compete for a spot at the state competition. I am so proud of what we have accomplished, and I hope for the best in districts and in next year’s season. 

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