Girls Basketball Team prepares for second half of their season

The JV Girls Basketball team lost in a tough match against Seton, 18 to 35, on Thursday, December 28th at Bishop Watterson. The Panthers were nearly able to spark a full comeback in the third quarter, despite only scoring five points in the first quarter.

  It was the JV team’s second loss of their holiday tournament, and they are now in one of their roughest stretches of the year. The way they have persevered, however, is very impressive considering it is a JV team comprised of all freshmen.

  Freshman sharpshooter Ashley Derenzo described what it is like to play on such a young team.   

  “It’s hard I guess, because we play against older people,” Derenzo said.

  She also explained how they could continue to win.

  “I think we just start off pretty slow, but if we just start off how we play in fourth quarters we can win the rest of our games,” she said.

  Derenzo has been one of the players shining on this team’s recent stretch, and it has earned her a spot on the varsity bench. The coaches have been focusing on more team-oriented statistics in their analytics, such as assists, steals, and rebounds, and many players on the team such as Derenzo have been really showing their team skills on the court.

  The girls have been putting in a lot of work in practice, along with their scout team who helps them practice their offense and figure out defensive schemes. The scout team is led by captain Alonzo Bush, who shows a lot of passion for these winning players.

  These girls have had good play since this game, including great passing and post offense. They will hope to continue their success after the Christmas break.

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